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Monday, March 27, 2017

Totally CANNED-out

At least that is how Zigzag wanderer must feel, reaching the end of the AMAZING "Complete Can" series he created, much more popular than either he or I expected, this could be the ULTIMATE Can collection......for today, one more live show, three downloads as it is in FLAC.........gonna sound awesome in FLAC.....everyone who indulged in this, please thank zigzagwanderer, he did an amazing job with this, i mean just remarkable.

Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, Germany
15 May 1977

One of Holger's last shows with Can and
the last known recording with him.
Can only did 6 more gigs after this.

01. I Want More-Improvisation.flac
02. Like INOBE God.flac
03. Fizz.flac
04. Don't Say No.flac
05. Animal Waves-Improvisation.flac
06. Dizzy Dizzy.flac

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Sea Fuzz

From John N come a trio of recordings from Sea Fuzz, good distorted shoe-gazing rock n roll the way it sounds today.....first we have "Groovin With the Eternal Now", a fine EP from 2014 which I wish I had heard earier....

GROOVIN-01 Waves/02 Weightless/03 Sunset/04 Bocce Ball/05 Anenomes/06 Wash/07 Sky Cowboys

Next from 2015 comes the "Sea Fuzz" EP:

SEA FUZZ-01 Shores/02 Superimtelligence/03 Fluidity/04 Eternal Wind/05 Formless

And, from right now up to the fab "Skygazing", MORE spacey trippy modern day psych

SKY GAZING-01 Beach Buzz!/02 Sun Gazing/03 Cloud in the Sky/04 Nowhere to Go/05 Breeze/06 Garuda Dreams/07 Mind Voyager/08 Rainbow Light

I recommend all three, great spacey rock somewhat a modernized Hawkwind, a compliment.


Fabio submits this album of electronic post punk from a Mexican artist working in Italy.......I was a bit
surprised by this one, really worth one's time......thanks Fabio, keep em coming from around the globe!!!!!!!!!zdoGxCgI!i8fnZqDheSJr9Z2Rcy1Xbw

The Creatures 1981-83

Early stuff from the Creatures, yet another case of an excellent male/female duo in that era, it's remarkable.... Raveonettes, Firey Furnaces, White Stripes, Mommy & Daddy, The Kills,  lots more too it really encapsulated part of the era's progression of sound toward some of todays sounds.

Thanks to John N for working hard and sending me this red hot link! BTW if unaware, the band were singer Siouxsie Siouxsie and instrumentalist Budgie from the Slits......a lot of primitive tribal stuff like Bow Wow Wow or Adam & The Ants.


 01 Mad Eyed Screamer 1:52 
02 So Unreal 2:15 
03 But Not Them 3:20 
04 Wild Thing 3:10 
05 Thumb 3:59 
06 Morning Dawning 4:03 
07 Inoa' Ole 3:50 
08 Ice House 2:47 
09 Dancing On Glass 2:16 
10 Gecko 3:50 
11 Sky Train 3:15 
12 Festival Of Colours 3:34 
13 Miss The Girl 2:36 
14 A Strutting Rooster 5:05 
15 Flesh 4:26 
16 Hot Springs In The Snow 3:51 
17 Weathercade 2:48 
18 Right Now 2:14


Fabio shares this cheer-ily named outfits 1989 album " Black Mass"......I love Fabio's one line e mail so much it needs reproduced as a whole:

When I Was a kid in the early '90 they were a TRUE LEGEND in Italy, we trade their tapes in the shadow without mommy knows.. oh so sweet make service at clergyboy sunday  mornin and 2 hours later skate, cigarettes and cheap Satan worship... Ladyes & Gentlemen DEATH SS!!PZJxhYYJ!oAz0WHby3fsv8pBIUuCzNQ

1.Kings of Evil04:07  Show lyrics
2.Horrible Eyes05:23  Show lyrics
3.Cursed Mama05:09  Show lyrics
4.Buried Alive04:08  Show lyrics
5.Welcome to My Hell06:12  Show lyrics
6.Devil's Rage04:03  Show lyrics
7.In the Darkness05:06  Show lyrics
8.Black Mass08:22  Show lyrics

Primative Black Sabbath demos

From whence the band was known as Earth, we have a demo record, no great at all, but it certainly shows off the roots of Sabbath.......kind of a rare one, at least i think......

EARTH-01 Unknown Demo/02 Early One Morning/03 The Rebel (Sample)/04 When I Came Down (Sample)/05 Thomas Jam (With Jim Simpson)

B-52's Boot 1982

The B52's are a band that at least I don't see booted that often, for some reason........they were stellar live imo, this is a VERY early set here, 1982, before "Love Shack" and all those other dance/pop gems......their early stuff was fab as well, this includes the great "Lava Lamp", (My Fave) "Dance This Mess Around" and the incredible "Rock Lobster".........really fun and underappreciated band of those wild early 80's

01 Party/02 Give Me Back My Man/03 Planet Claire/04 Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can/05 Lava Lamp/06 Messopotamia/07 6060842/08 52 Girls/09 Dance This Mess Around/10 Rock Lobster

A good early show from a really great band in my estimation!